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Years of country-based wait for immigrants from India
For most of the world there is no wait
Conquer With Love Card is a collective and persistent voice for fixing America’s high-skilled immigration system, including country-based criterion from the workplace. The card will be delivered to individuals who could help including a copy to The White House and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.
NEXT BATCH: Late 2017
PREVIOUS BATCHES: Dec 2016, June 2017
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Dear Mr. President (/Other Addressees with a modified version of the letter)

For an immigrant – coming to the US is usually a dream born years before landing here, a naïve dream of some place beautiful and perfect by all means. And every dream welcomed to this land of opportunities has been extremely fortunate. But imagine a naïve dream not finding the ability to pursue those wishes and live freely for decades after being welcomed, because of their land of origin.

Today, a high-skilled immigrant born in India could have to wait more than 20 years to become permanent resident through employment due to an arbitrary 7% per country limit in America’s skilled immigration system. This means keeping the same career, often same employer, no entrepreneurship, and no freedom to live on own terms. This is neither good for immigrants, nor for the native workers and the American economy.

There are several areas of America’s legal immigration system that need attention. And as a conversation on America’s skilled immigration system begins to take shape, we request that ‘removing this inadvertent country-based discrimination from the workplace’ remains a priority.

We have faith that the skilled immigration system would soon be truer to the American ideals and also aligned with the 21st century world.

With love,

This request is not political, not between any geographical locations, it’s merely a collective and humble request for fairness. Also, Mahatma Gandhi is not directly linked to immigration but remains a universal essence of fairness.



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